This kit is full of fabulous hardware and will help create a beautiful handbag.


Updated 1/11/2021 for new pattern update


Kit includes:

1” D-Rings - x 2
1” Strap Slider - x 1
1” Circle or Lobster Style Swivel Clasps - x 2
3/4” Buckles  - x 4
3/4” Rectangle Rings - x 8
3/4” Strap Ends - x 4
2 - #5 Zipper Pulls -  (Liminted, Handcrafted or Rectangle)

1 - Rounded Zipper End
18mm Magnetic Snaps - x 2
Rivets - x 50 (9mm)


I include 4 strap ends because that is what the pattern calls for.   I offer extra strap ends on the site if you would like more.


The 1" Strap ends are not included in the kit because I currently carry the 1" only in the beveled style, not the rounded style.  You can purchase those separately if you would like them.


No bag feet are included in the kit.


This kit includes hardware to make the Moonwake Handbag by Lavender & Twine.  Buy your copy here:

Moonwake by Lavender & Twine Kit

Zipper Pull
Snap Hooks


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